This year in English, you will learn about the subjects below. Just click on the pictures and access the subject. Good luck to you!

You will perhaps celebrate Halloween at the end of October. Why is Halloween very important in the USA and Ireland or Scotland? Is Halloween really an American celebration?

Crime and fiction:

Do you know the name of the two persons in the pictures? Did you know the woman's books are best-sellers all over the world? Why can police forces everywhere in the world say "thank you" to the man?

Do you ever work to get pocket money? Do you ever baby-sit, walk dogs or do some shoppings for friends or people?

In the English-speaking world, a lot of teenagers have a part-time job, a "small job".

Do you know this man? NO, he is not a gangster!

Did you know he is probably the richest man in the USA, and that his computers are best-sellers?

Click on his photos and learn more...


1/ The biggest island, but the smallest continent in the world!

2/ The Aboriginal people: the oldest group of people in the world!

3/ Doctors who travel by plane and children who never go to school!!!


1/ An ancient land .

2/ Rich traditions.

3/ Ireland and America.

The two French brothers on the picture INVENTED the "cinema" techniques. Do you know their name? (One street in Bazouges has their name!!!!!).

Now, the cinema is of course a big business and it is located in Hollywood. But do you know why this place and not an other one?



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